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Pura Vida Resort ParaguayVacation

Traveling can sometimes be exhausting. During your trip through South America and Paraguay, you will find a relaxing pit stop at Pura Vida Nautic Resort. Here you can sunbathe, swim in the lake or relax and read a book in the hammock.

And if once you feel adventurous, you can go and explore the grounds and the lake.


Make a boat trip with our pedal boats. It offers you a wonderful view of our facility and the surrounding area. Or look for a quiet spot for fishing and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of the lake.

For children there is much to play and explore on our farm. We have donkeys, horses, cows, dogs and cats. Very popular is our mini-helicopter, or the trampoline.

Private Charter Flight in ParaguayWater Ski

For some more action, we offer boat trips and water skiing with our motorboat. Or charter our private plane for a round trip over the Gran Chaco and the Paraná plateau!

You can also visit Campo 9 in the surrounding area. For one side it means the shopping center Doctor Juan Eulogio Estigarribia. An up-and-coming small town with varied plants for milk processing and cereal mills, shopping opportunities for the daily needs and restaurants. On the other hand, Campo 9 is also part of the Sommerfeld colony. The settlement founded by Mennonite immigrants, mainly from Canada, around 1950, is today known for its successful agriculture, wood production and dairy farming.

Banana Plantation ParaguaySunset over a Lake in Paraguay

Another interesting excursion is to Tembiapora, on the opposite lake side. With about 9,000 ha, it is the largest contiguous banana cultivation area in Paraguay. Drive through the plantations and watch the processing of collection, washing, sorting and loading. An experience in itself is already the ride over the lake with the adventurous ferry.

When you are back in the evening at sunset, you can end our day with a cozy barbecue evening. This is Pura Vida * in the style of Paraguay!

[* Pura Vida translated in English means Pure Life. Supposedly the happiest people in the world live in Paraguay.]