Travel Information

How to get there

The Pura Vida Nautic Resort is located only 5 km north of the main connection – Ruta 7 – between Asunción and Ciudad del Este (-25.380782, -55.390447).

There are 2 international airports in Paraguay.

From the airport at Asuncion

At Asunción is the Aeropuerto Internacional Silvio Pettirossi (ASU), the most important international airport in Paraguay with many flights from and to Europe and South America. If you want to explore Paraguay on your own, you can rent a car at the airport.

From Ruta 2, head east to Coronel Oviedo and change to Ruta 7. Approximately 2 kilometers before the town of Juan E. O’Leary turn left at the Restaurant Frankonia and after approximately 5 kilometers you reach the entrance to Pura Vida Nautic Resort.

For those who wish to use public transportation: at the airport take a taxi to the bus terminal in Asunción, at the intersection of Avenida Doctor Fernando de la Mora and Avenida República Argentina. From here, buses depart to Juan E. O’Leary almost every hour. We will gladly pick you up at the bus station if you let us know ahead of time.

From the airport near Ciudad del Este

Pura Vida Nautic Resort Aerial View

The second international airport, Guaraní International Airport (AGT) is located about 25 kilometers from Ciudad del Este. It is mainly served by South American airlines. From and to Europe connections go via Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. At the Guaraní Airport as well you find several rental car agencies. Via the Ruta 7 direction Asunción you reach the restaurant Frankonia after approx. 60 km and turn right to the entrance to Pura Vida Nautic Resort.

With public transportation the journey is a bit more difficult, as you have to take a bus or taxi to the bus terminal of Ciudad del Este. Here you take a bus to Juan E. O’Leary and we pick you up there after prior registration. We can also arrange pick-up directly from the Guaraní International Airport.